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Blue Jasmine gets a HOME!

Blue Jasmine looks to be Andalusian, is 12 to 15, old injury and slightly gimpy....used as a broodmare then dumped at the Cowtown auction. She is an interesting personality! I like her alot. Free to excellent home.

ADOPTED!! Thanks to Suzanne!~! See her in her wonderful new HOME~!~! HERE

See ALL the new homes we found HERE!


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A worried pair at the Escalon auction awaiting their sale. That is Buddy on the left.....only one good eye; old guy with arthritis. Not a great future ahead for him....

Since Jan 1 we have rehomed 11 auction horses, 11 owner surrenders, and 18 horses owned by others. All went to wonderful homes! See our auction rescues HERE.

In other news: since Jan 1 our Valley Fire Depot was cleaned up and ended on April 29 - we fed all comers all winter long. We also gave out $2600 to victims of the Clayton Fire. Three horses have been euthanized (from auction) ; I got my nose broken in 3 places, also need a hip replacement ASAP. I suppose I would be on the latter list if I was a horse. So. There were good times and then some hard times.....

And a very deep and heartfelt thank you to all our supporters that make an effort like this possible. You are the real heros!


Hay and Feed Assistance

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Phone counseling to discuss owner options.

Direct Auction rescues and owner surrenders.



Tory needs a new FAMILY!!



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Hay Assistance Program
Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties


DONATE A BALE in participating Feedstores supports our Feed Assistance Program in Sonoma, Lake County and Mendocino.

Download the application HERE. Can't download? Go HERE.

For those struggling to keep their horses fed we offer a program of temporary hay and feed. Please email info@saferhorse.com with any questions.

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