"Purpose calls you to the place where you're deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."

-Frederick Buechner

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See Pics and Videos of BASHO GOES WILD!!

Our boy is returned to Freedom at Montgomery Creek Refuge

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Valley Fire Relief

Kelseyville Feed Depot

SAFER has secured a large warehouse, through the Lake County Farm Bureau, that is dry and can be locked up for gathering donations of feed and horse supplies. SAFER received a semi of hay that arrived the next day! We have 24 pallets of Equine Senior donated to SAFER through Rainbow Ag Feed Store. Kate has written a grant for emergency hay which has been GRANTED for $5500 through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - ASPCA.


Carleene Cady - LC SAFER admin - is arranging some donations to be dropped off directly where they are needed! That avoids stacking and restacking at the Depot. TO DONATE (Tax Deductible) Feed or other items or to RECEIVE assistance; please call Carleene at 707-349-1993

We need to think long term support for these people who will be returning to their homestead and trying to maintain their horses in the months to come. Let's do what we can to ensure that no hard and painful decisions have to be made down the road because their horses can't be fed.

Please help if you can with this effort.

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40 bales - donated by Mike McCaffrey and friend Diane who ALSO donated the week before. Diane also brought another 40 bales the next week from another donor and delivered directly to Pat Mayo. The Mayos are graciously fostering animals from the fire and have been feeding out of their own stores.
Jim Deffendall is delivering hay from SAFER to a family who lost their house but saved their horses.

Safer is ALSO dispensing Hay, Feed and supplies (TARPS!) through it's Account at Rainbow Ag Feedstore in Lakeport. Jim Mayfield and Kate have tweaked the regular Donate A Bale program to allow for in store applications and fulfillment. This is FREE to Valley Fire victims and others housing multiple animals that have been gathered from the fire area.

To DONATE MONEY to the SAFER Rainbow Ag Assistance Program please phone in your CC or Paypal to the Rainbow Ag Store 707-279-0550 - tax receipt sent!


For those who have lost beloved Animals ~
We know how you feel.

Until you meet again.


Could this be YOU?? Check out PARTNER FACILITIES in the header above.

Hay Assistance Program
Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties



American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Grant AWARD to SAFER for HAY ASSISTANCE!!

Can't download? Go HERE.

For those struggling to keep their horses fed we offer a program of temporary hay and feed. Please email info@saferhorse.com with any questions.

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SAFER: 707-824-9543