"Purpose calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."

-Frederick Buechner

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Below are the professionals that SAFER uses:


Brooke Wrisley

On Site
Horse Trainer



Dr. Steve Wood

Equine DVM


Dale Smithson




Joanna Murphy

Onsite Trainer and Problem Solver


Murielle Richard Price

Onsite Masterson Method Bodywork and Professional Saddle Fit Evaluator








WE ARE IN NEED of a large industrial or agricultural building to gather hay, feed and supplies for long term support of returning horse owners in SONOMA County.

We supplied this to the Valley Fire in Lake County and it was very successfull.

PLEASE MAKE SOME CALLS GANG - we need this right away!!
We are having trouble finding one in Sonoma although we already have one in Redwood Valley ready to stock.

Must be able to have a semi pull up to it (not INTO it) and be able to be locked either the building or by fencing. Ideally closer to Sebastopol than not.

We have excellent references from our facility in Lake County and Liability Insurance.

Help us get this going!! CALL 707-824-9543


ALL of the SAFER horses are fine! Bowie got evacuated - thank you Cindy Messick! Raven got evacuated - thank you Sarah O'Rourke!

And we welcome some old friends back into the program as their wonderful owner of 10 years has been affected by the fire in Bennett Valley. These are the very first horses SAFER ever rescued...and here they are!!

The little family - Mom Ellie, Dad Mocha, and baby Peanut. They will be looking for a new home pending final decision by their owner - who has given them a wonderful life and the best of care.


Our ability to respond to horses needing help depends on getting the message out fast!
Emails are generally once a month.
Please sign up and help us get the word out!
Help us get them into new homes!


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We are still looking for foster homes in the Santa Rosa, Lake County and Ukiah areas! Please consider and call 707-824-9543



Fostering is the foundation of RESCUE!!


Hay and Feed Assistance

Safe Transitions Program: Website, FaceBook and ENewsletter + Contracts.

Foster and Adoption

Phone counseling to discuss owner options.

Direct Auction rescues and owner surrenders.


Could this be YOU?? Check out PARTNER FACILITIES in the header above.

Hay Assistance Program
Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties


For those struggling to keep their horses fed we offer a program of temporary hay and feed. Please email info@saferhorse.com with any questions.

SAFER: 707-824-9543