Peaches. 12-14 year old. Mare. 14.1hh. Paint mix. Actual color: Roan paint with the dun gene. She has a full dorsal stripe. Very pretty. Sweet.
She needs work and a diet. She was used as a barrel gymkhana horse before I owned her. Maybe trained for cutting or similar. She moves off leg very well. But doesn't respond well to bit and nose pressure. She is currently ridden in a hackamore.
No buck, bite, rear or kick. However, she does occasionally bolt. And she can be spooky. She needs a confident advanced rider. Or someone working with a trainer.
She has an old injury in her right hind leg. Vet believes she tore a ligament and it did not heal properly. Must wear boots or leg wraps when riding or she could re-injure. I used her as a trail horse. Although hills were too much for her hind leg. She's good on flat trails or best in the arena.
She is the boss with other horses. But not overly bossy, she will back down to a more dominate horse. She currently rides western. Could be ridden English though.

She is located in Willits. She will go on contract with first right to but back.
$500. Please email if you'd like to come meet her.