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SAFER offers this website listing service for free to the local community. We do not accept posting from breeders of any kind; nor horse traders. We reserve the right to deny posting at our discretion. Please email pictures and lots of information on your horse to Always let us know immediately when the horse is no longer available.

For SAFER owned horses riding horses are $400 to $600 = sometimes more . Companion animals are free to good homes. Donations always appreciated so that other horses can have the same chance.

To Be Adopted


Sally is a 14 hand 17 yr BLM mustang very well trained and gentle but with limitations.



Please Call Michael Murphy 707-332-1195 to meet them. They are in the Santa Rosa area.

These four horses are offered through our SAFE Transition program. Need HOMES!!

Please Call Michael Murphy 707-332-1195 to meet them. They are in the Santa Rosa area.

Top Left: 9 year old paint mare; won at an auction. Been ridden does ok. $300 OBO

To Right: Doc, a 26 yr gelding who is rideable but probably ready for just a walkaround the ranch or lead line for kids maybe. A sweet old ranch horse for the grandkids! $200

Bottom: Jerry is a 16 year old Quarter horse, around 15 hands. Pack horse trained and experienced. $300 OBO


Sage is 16, 15 hands and well trained but has some limitations. Sound with front shoes. $300 Adoption Fee




CONTACT: Sonia Maksim, 707-328-2633,


Beau is a 10 year old OTTB gelding, he is 16.2 hands. He only raced twice and his person before me did some lower level eventing with him. He continued to come up lame and wasn't working out for her so I took him in and gave him some time off in pasture and started riding him just a little bit after that.

He spent two weeks with Raye Lochart about 2 years ago. Beau has a tendency to buck at the canter and Raye agreed that he may have back or hip issues but thought he could be a nice trail riding horse.

Unfortunately, funds and time have become limited along with life changes on the horizon and I need to secure him a home. I am looking for a companion home at this time due to the bucking issue, however, if someone worked with an experienced trainer, chiropractor and body worker he could be a nice riding horse.
Sonia Maksim, 707-328-2633,

— in Santa Rosa, California.




Companion Horses

There is a sweet kind of satisfaction in pairing up horses. They depend on the company of another horse to keep them healthy and well-adjusted.  Solitary confinement is about as wonderful for a horse as it is for a human.  Many people's love for horses does not include the need to ride on a daily basis.  The occasional walk around the pasture or short trail adventure a few times a year on a companionable horse is a great pleasure.  The nicker of your horses as you come out to give them a morning flake of hay and the antics of horses together is what many older horse people enjoy in their lives. People and horses make GREAT retirement companions!


We have a multitude of wonderful horses that would love to have the kind attention of a good home - which would enable them to continue their lives. These are horses usually without serious illness but cannot be ridden. Call SAFER at 707-824-9543 to discuss your preferences. We LOVE THESE CALLS!